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The Sage Project

The SAGE Project is proud to announce that SAGE Health, a secure telehealth solution, is revolutionizing the way SNF residents connect remotely with specialists in neurology, psychiatry, dermatology, rheumatology, and more. This solution is free for SNFs to use. SNF residents do not need to wait weeks or months to receive specialist care during the COVID-19 pandemic or after restrictions begin to lift—they can do so today in the safety of their own rooms, while SAGE Health reduces transportation expenses and generates reimbursement for the SNF. This simple system provides clinical, financial, and operational benefits for Skilled Nursing Facilities and their residents. SAGE Health is HIPPA-compliant, free to use and takes minutes to set up. No matter what EMR or other telehealth solution you may already utilize, SAGE Health works alongside any and all solutions without disruption and with very minimal investment of time or resources.

Frequently Asked Questions:



The SAGE Project brings practical, elegant, and out-of-the-box solutions to real-world users who need absolute security, military-grade privacy, and complete control of their documents.


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